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Vienna Residence Orchestra

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Don't miss out on one of the traditional classical concerts, when you visit Vienna. Listen to the world famous music by W.A. Mozart and Johann Strauss at the most beautiful historical location, Auersperg Palace. The Vienna Residence Orchestra is accompanied by professional opera singers and ballet dancers, performing in historical costumes to make the music come to live infront of your eyes. 

Puntos Destacados

- Enjoy a traditional classical concert
- Listen to music by Mozart and Strauss
- Experience the Vienna Residence Orchestra live
- Admire the graceful ballet dancers
- Enjoy the skilled opera singers
- Explore the beautiful Auersperg Palace

¿En qué consiste?

Experience the Vienna Residence Orchestra
In 1991 the orchestra was appointed the official representative of the City of Vienna in the festivities commemorative the bicentenary of Mozarts death and has also performed a number of concerts at the 'Vienna International Festival'.

The program includes the most famous and beautiful works of the Viennese classics of W.A. Mozart and Johann Strauss, played by anything from 10 to 40 musicians, accompanied by professional opera singers and ballet dancers.

¿Cómo funciona?

How do I get my tickets?
Shortly after your booking is complete, you will receive an e-ticket by mail. Please print out your ticket and bring it with you to Palais Auersperg.

Where is the concert?
The Vienna Residence Orchestra performs at Palais Auersperg, also known as The Rosenkavalier Palace. 

What time do the doors open?
Doors to the concert hall opens at 8 PM.

How long is the concert?
The concert lasts 1½ hour including intermission. 

Where are my seats?
You can see the seating plan here.


Daily at 8:15 PM.


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Daily at 8:15 PM.


Vienna Residence Orchestra

Auerspergstrasse 1 A-1080 Vienna